My name is Karam Salem, and I am from Iraq. I believe life is a journey that we can have for only one time. The only way to know the mystery of life is to fully experience it with other people around the world. I fled to Syria with my family in 2006 because we were threatened and forced to leave. I lived as a refugee in Syria for two years until 2008 when I received a full tuition waiver to the United States at Holy Cross College in South Bend, Indiana, through the Iraqi Student Project. Currently, I am studying at Holy Cross College in South Bend, IN, and will graduate in May 2012. My major is in Visual Art with minoring in Graphic Design.

At the same time, I am a pianist and composer who believes that music has the power to build bridges across the world. I want to be a bridge to peace through music and art. I feel I am like a journalist, but instead of writing words, I write music, because I believe music is the most powerful way to communicate and reach out to the world.

Effective communication causes a response even if the audience does not understand the words, which makes it universal. Human beings are very complex beings with complex mental capacities. Music is the only form of expression that is capable of capturing and expressing human souls. For me, great music and performance are my tools that allow me to use the skills that I have learned in my communication classes to connect with my audience, which is much easier than saying words or giving a speech, because I believe that music is rooted in human nature, and I can build the bridge to communicate this nature.

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